Giới Thiệu

- First of all, I want to insist that I'm a person of work. I'm responsible, enthusiastic, challenges facing, open minded, fast learner and can-do attitude

- I have about 9-year experience in developing app on iOS platform with many big projects in OTT, social network, blockchain, crypto, DeFi, navigation and productivity aspect.

- I'm expert in developing iOS app in native language such as Swift or Objective C.

- I'm also strong at Flutter/Dart language which is used to build cross platform apps for both iOS and Android platform with one-time coding.
- I have excellent knowledge in core concepts such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP), design patterns, memory management, data structure, MVC architecture.
- I'm able to submit apps to Apple store, Google Play.
- I have good knowledge of asynchronous and concurrency.
- I'm capable of creating framework, SDK for third-party usage.
- I'm good at RESTful api communicating with server.

- I also have knowledge about blockchain, crypto and all processes on blockchain.

Kỹ Năng Chuyên Môn

Swift Flutter/Dart Lập trình app iOS / Android Git Publish app on App Store Publish app on Google Play Lập trình OOP

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Các dịch vụ của Thai Tran

Mobile Application (iOS và Android)
Giá từ 10.000.000 đ