Giới Thiệu

Highly skilled and experienced Translator with a strong background in translating TV shows in English and Vietnamese. Bringing forth an excellent command of these languages, and a track record of impeccable proofreading, editing, and translating. Adept in accurately assessing the context of material, and translating it in an understandable and appropriate way. Bringing forth a positive work ethic and a commitment to efficiency and integrity. 

Kỹ Năng Chuyên Môn

Proficient Oral and & written Communication Skills Cultural Awareness and Intelligence Time Management Skills Problem Identification Self-Management and Self-Motivation

Ngôn Ngữ

Chứng Chỉ

Nơi Cấp: British Council

Các dịch vụ của Junkatori

Dịch phụ đề Video / Phim ảnh ANH-VIỆT
Giá cố định 15.000 đ