Giới Thiệu

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and working on Account Executive and Strategic Planner at Sharks Media JSC in Vietnam.

In my current role as Account Executive, I handle a number of duties such as high priority account management client recruitment and customer follow-up. I have a strong business acumen and understanding of investments. In addition my communication skills are excellent allowing me to keep on track and tasks updated at all times.

Another role of mine is a Strategic Planner, I am responsible for bringing in external marketing consulting help and business development. Depending on Project/ Business professional requirement, I focus on specific steps to implement a strategy whether it be mergers, acquisitions, new market opportunities, licensing deals or alliances.Otherwise, it is crucial that I make connections with external potential business partners and keep strong contract discussions and negotiations with customers.

I go above and beyond to make the deal but am never pushy. I have been praised by clients and superiors alike for my closing abilities and finesse. I would love to bring these skills and my professionalism to help you get through you project/ business solution.

I have confidence that I am a collaborative partner for your business. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email to arrange an in-person meeting and look forward to speaking with you.

Kỹ Năng Chuyên Môn

Analytic Skills, Google Analytics, Adobe Animate, Adobe PS, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Proposal Planner

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